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If you are a licensed Healthcare Professional:

Click Here for Louisiana Volunteers in Action (LAVA), an initiative of the Louisiana Department of Health

Examples include: physician, physician assistant, registered nurse, or certified nursing assistant, among others who are practicing within the scope of their license.

If you are a student in medicine or nursing:

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If you are a student in other fields:

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Examples include: allied health professions, counseling, pharmacy, communications, marketing, business management, among others.

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About Us

Led by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, COVID-19LAVolunteers.org is a continuation of the partnership between universities and colleges across Louisiana to mobilize students as volunteers. In Spring 2019, this partnership helped to ease the burden on the healthcare system that was stretched critically thin and to provide some relief to the healthcare workers. Students from across Louisiana universities and colleges were our force multiplier in the fight against COVID-19.

We are now in a different phase in our fight to Bring Louisiana Back, to bring COVID-19 vaccines to communities of concern through community events and targeted outreach.

The website allows students and professionals with backgrounds in virtually all areas of health care, including the fields of medicine, nursing and allied health professions, to sign up to volunteer for this effort.

Students and professionals with academic training in non-healthcare disciplines such as logistics, communications, marketing, business, management social media, social services, community engagement, data sciences, computer science, technology assistance can also sign up to triage phone calls, help with scheduling appointments, provide logistical support or technology assistance, and other such essential services.


The University of Louisiana at Lafayette has coordinated with other universities and community colleges through the University of Louisiana System to work with our private sector partners Beta Land Services and Relief Health.

UL System Ul Lafayette
Relief Relief


Please take a few minutes to tell us share your volunteer experience. This information will be reported back to your academic colleges and university administrators for them to appreciate your contribution to the state’s fight against COVID-19.

Post-Engagement Volunteer Survey